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We must pay attention to these 3 problems, when you buy TV box 2

  • Author:tomato
  • Source:sztomato.com
  • Release on :2017-08-10
Don't care about content resources
Although the smart android tv box can be installed all kinds of video software, but the built-in resource platform is also very important, after all, every time you open the third party application software have some trouble to buy the Android Smart TV Box with SATA 3.0 before the best video platform can understand it.

It's really important that the system works
Although the system is basically based on Android, but different box system difference really quite large, such as some boot does not automatically connect to the wireless network, the U disk is inserted into the later can not find the "entrance local file", or not in the playback in the movie subtitle display hanging, seemingly not worth mentioning. But if you do not really quite suck up.
In addition, voice control is very popular now, it can replace a lot of key operations, such as search what you want to see, adjust the progress of play, and so on, is also a bonus.

The system must be continuously updated, only constantly update will fix BUG, and add some useful features, so it can become better and better, so be sure to choose those big brand products, maintenance and upgrading more reliable.

Although the Best TV Box HDMI Input Realtek RTD1295 is only a few hundred dollars of small things, but buy the right, with a few years no problem.