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Secret four major TV Box buying skills

Secret four major TV Box buying skills

Tomato www.sztomato.com 2017-09-30 12:49:10

smart android tv box is connected to the TV, online video to see the function, and now many homes will be equipped with one, then in many set-top box brand, how exactly is the choice of the most appropriate? Teach you a few points, only professionals know secrets, let you deeper understanding of television box. 

1. brand
In the face of the set-top box, many brand price, many people have a choice of suffering disease, but in fact you want to see the brand is to ignore the name, brand advantage is the formal specification materials, factory, customer service guarantee. The name, many products to technology and customer service are suspected of fraud, there are some problems, is not reliable.

2. operating system
Now more and more is Ali cloud system and Android system again, we must look at the Android streaming box, better to buy the Android system, because Ali cloud system not only download software is not convenient, many users have to uninstall the software automatic feedback!

3. online video decoding capability
TV box buy more than 90% of the time is used to watch video, so watch the video effects greatly affect the use of experience. As everyone knows, the box using network environment is the main reasons of watching the video card is not card, on this basis, if the TV box decoding ability strong, can effectively improve the situation Caton, must choose the optimization box of video decoding.

4. remote control
Although the remote control is only a small parts, but most of the hand experience is this, but not the Internet TV Box, so choose to choose a good feel, simple operation, not complicated remote control. Some set-top box remote control has dozens of buttons, looks very complex, big box remote control all do relatively simple.