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What happens when the TV box suddenly does not sound?

What happens when the TV box suddenly does not sound?

Tomato Tomato 2017-09-01 11:58:16
More and more people use TV boxes, but many users will encounter this situation. When the Android Smart TV Box is connected to the TV, there will be no sound. So what's the matter?

When we encounter this problem, first of all, we must make sure there is nothing wrong with the cable when the TV and TV boxes are confirmed.

[wiring method]
(1) AV cable tv:
1. Check the color television interface and AV cable according to the corresponding. (the official standard AV cable, red and white for the audio plug plug plug plug, yellow video.)

2. Please check to see if the SPDIF output is "off"". Because of the use of the same output port SPDIF coaxial output and analog stereo signal, if the SPDIF is turned on, you can't hear the sound simulation must be turned off, so, the steps are as follows: setting - > playback settings - > SPDIF output.

(2) HDMI line connects TV
1. If you are using HDMI cable to connect the TV, check that your HDMI line is inserted into the TV interface is the same as the TV set interface.

2. Check if the interface is loose and the contact is bad.

If the connection is normal, still can not hear the sound, I suggest you try the following methods.

One: restart
Any electronic device can be improved to a great extent when it meets minor problems and restarts.

Two: change the sound settings
According to the different TV Box android HDMI video recording models, the solution is not the same. But essentially, to find the settings for the TV box, change in the audio settings option. The system sound and the boot video sound are turned on, and the audio output is changed to the corresponding output mode.

Three: looking for after-sales
The problem is really not solved, that is, the box itself out of quality problems, so go directly to aftermarket replacement of a new Realtek RTD1295 Android tv box.