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What is difference between CPU and GPU?

What is difference between CPU and GPU?

Tomato Tomato 2017-03-06 11:16:18
What is difference between CPU and GPU?

CPU is mainly responsible for operating systems and applications; GPU is mainly responsible for display-related data processing. When you operate the computer, in order to complete a job, you need a computer to help you work, just like a problem. Calculate the subject, understand the problem and sort out the steps to solve the problem and the solution, it is the CPU thing. But the process of solving the problem requires a lot of calculations, you need a bunch of logic do not need a high understanding of the completion of the logic, they only need to be responsible for the simple but very large number of simple operations on the line, and finally they put their The results of the operation to hand over to the CPU finishing, then this group of computing is the GPU.

Second, to explain the difference between the two, we must first understand the difference In the 2003-2004 or around, experts in the field of graphics began to notice the GPU's different computing power, began to try to use the GPU for general computing (ie GPGPU). NVIDIA released CUDA, AMD and Apple and other companies also released OpenCL, GPU began to be widely used in the field of general computing, including: numerical analysis, massive data processing (sorting, Map-Reduce, etc.), financial analysis and so on. In short, when programmers write programs for the CPU, they tend to use complex logical structures to optimize the algorithm to reduce the run time of the task, that is, Latency. When the programmer for the GPU programming, the use of its massive data processing advantages, by improving the overall data throughput (Throughput) to cover up Lantency. At present, the difference between CPU and GPU is gradually narrowing, because the GPU is also dealing with irregular tasks and communication between threads has made great progress. In addition, the power consumption problem is more serious for the GPU than the CPU.

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