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Easy to resolve upgrade failure, automatically restart symptoms!
Release on 2017-09-11I believe many people have encountered the failure of True Dolby Digital Android tv box upgrade or restart frequently. So how to ...Read More
The TV box can only be watched live? Jest! 2
Release on 2017-09-08Voice search: If you have a voice search function in the box, remember, this is not what chicken ribs function, even if ...Read More
What are the reasons for the impact of TV boxes on live television and video resources? 2
Release on 2017-09-065, Broadband service provider restrictions The difference will lead to playback problems, because of the competition and ...Read More
What are the reasons for the impact of TV boxes on live television and video resources?
Release on 2017-09-05Due to the current player chip for local video resources decoding technology has been very mature, so now network media met basic ...Read More
What happens when the TV box suddenly does not sound?
Release on 2017-09-01More and more people use TV boxes, but many users will encounter this situation. When the Android Smart Box is connected to TV, ...Read More
What if the TV box doesn't have a signal?
Release on 2017-08-31Is a TV box connected by TV and external equipment of a device, in the process using it to signal into be able read ...Read More
There were no TV boxes and no WIFI. How do people watch TV?
Release on 2017-08-28Our country's TV set is constantly undergoing reform and updating. From 1958, the first black white was successfully ...Read More
Why are TV boxes so small and power hungry?
Release on 2017-08-24I used to know that Android Set Top Box HDMI input are very power hungry, so I usually unplug the TV set top boxes. But Best ...Read More
Which brand is the TV box good? Four tips for beginners
Release on 2017-08-23Novice users buy boxes very headache, do not know which brand of TV box is good, the on market many, model miscellaneous, pic... ...Read More
Amazing!!! Ordinary TV + TV box 2
Release on 2017-08-22But when it comes to performance, smart TV has a "TV + box" mode, that is the body of TV, some ...Read More
Amazing!!! Ordinary TV + TV box
Release on 2017-08-21Smart TV in the rapid development, many people are gradually replaced by smart TV, but it also makes some consumers made ...Read More
This is the home's most powerful electrical appliance: the TV box
Release on 2017-08-18Do you know which home appliances most power? Set top boxes, yes, but not exactly. Accurately speaking, the power ...Read More
Three minutes to teach you how to limit the speed of the TV box 2
Release on 2017-08-17[method two]: via mobile APP settings Currently, some of the smart routers on market support binding settings, we can also limit ...Read More
Three minutes to teach you how to limit the speed of the TV box
Release on 2017-08-16UDP Broadcasting Android tv box upload speed is too high will affect the same router under normal use of computer, mobile phone, ...Read More
Why does the TV box need Root? What are the risks of Root?
Release on 2017-08-15For just the start of Android set-top box friends, will strange to word "root" is familiar. Why are you ...Read More
TV box too fast, how to do? Balanced network speed, teach you reasonable speed limit!
Release on 2017-08-14Friends at home with boxes do not feel that sometimes, when using boxes, speed is particularly slow. Especially watching videos ...Read More
What should we pay attention to when buying a TV box?
Release on 2017-08-11Although smart TV has begun to spread, but as consumers are not eager replace TV, you can buy a TV box an alternative ...Read More
We must pay attention to these 3 problems, when you buy TV box 2
Release on 2017-08-10Don't care about content resources Although the smart android tv box can be installed all kinds of video software, but ...Read More
We must pay attention to these 3 problems, when you buy TV box
Release on 2017-08-09Whether you are using traditional TV or smart now, hundreds of dollars Realtek RTD1295  Android tv box is ...Read More
What happens if the TV box crashes frequently? Teach you just two strokes, easy to get! 2
Release on 2017-08-08In recent years, the PVR Media player Android tv box can watch TV to enrich content, also gives us more optional, but use of will ...Read More