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Can network TV box replace cable TV
Release on 2017-11-16Now, TV boxes have powerful functions, just a high-definition player just a few years ago, to play all kinds of high-definition video formats. In rece...Read More
Attention! How can the TV box not get the IP address?
Release on 2017-11-15A few years ago, TV box industry is thriving, Android tv box 4k*2k relatively low price is the rational choice of many consumers. Therefore, many fami...Read More
The advanced way of the box: do you remember this old antenna? 4
Release on 2017-11-14Fancier's plaything "HTPC"" In the mainstream box evolution, there is a tributary, usually DIY player for the formation of family cinema personal comp...Read More
The advanced way of the box: do you remember this old antenna? 3
Release on 2017-11-13The biggest rival of radio and television "IPTV"" At the end of the twentieth Century, with the rapid development and popularization of the Internet i...Read More
The advanced way of the box: do you remember this old antenna? 2
Release on 2017-11-10"VCD, DVD" era without seeds In 90s the people's entertainment and entertainment demands have become more diverse, the film become the ordinary people...Read More
The advanced way of the box: do you remember this old antenna?
Release on 2017-11-09When you look at the journey to the west, you don't know what the Internet is. You only know whose antenna is higher, whose TV signal is better, and t...Read More
The skill of using TV box 2
Release on 2017-11-083, mobile phone remote control: some TV box provides a remote mobile phone version, as long as the installation of mobile phone remote control applica...Read More
The skill of using TV box
Release on 2017-11-071, applications: there are three categories of applications, aggregation applications, video site applications and SkyDrive class applications. 1) gen...Read More
Attention! TV box shopping guide 2
Release on 2017-11-063, expand the interface: external interface Android Smart TV Box is also very important option, the main interface includes: video and audio output, E...Read More
Attention! TV box shopping guide
Release on 2017-11-03In recent years, the traditional television industry is experiencing a tide of Internet baptism, all Internet Co have launched a PVR Media player with...Read More
TV box 5 cold knowledge, I do not know 2
Release on 2017-11-02Item two: Hot pull box joint The so-called "hot drawing" refers to the smart android tv box is in the boot or is using the state of the file, unplug t...Read More
TV box 5 cold knowledge, I do not know
Release on 2017-11-01Today, smart TV, intelligent projection, Android Set Top Box HDMI input, these smart home appliances are becoming at least one of the living room ente...Read More
How should I buy TV box instead of smart TV box?
Release on 2017-10-31Now watch TV no longer keep on all star TV show, the TV network emerge in an endless stream let consumers choose many, but the basic premise is the ne...Read More
Attention! Secret four secrets of low price TV box! 2
Release on 2017-10-30TV box products, once very popular with consumers, seem to have been on the decline in recent years.  Especially some low price, low quality manufactu...Read More
OEM and ODM of android tv box
Release on 2017-10-27OEM and ODM of android tv box Since its establishment to now, Tomato have got lots of OEM and ODM order of android tv box. Because We have a professio...Read More
Attention! How to choose the TV box?
Release on 2017-10-26A TV live in about seven years, or even longer, it is not a mobile phone every two years to update, if the TV hardware configuration before buying has...Read More
The question of how to chooseTV box
Release on 2017-10-251. say hardware first, to put it bluntly, the hardware core of smart TV is the two part: screen and arithmetic unit.  The screen is low consumption pr...Read More
The question of TV box
Release on 2017-10-24Android tv box HDMI input is a small computing terminal, simply by HDMI or color line technology to connect it with traditional TV, can realize web br...Read More
Attention! It's not too late to know the true life of the TV box! 2
Release on 2017-10-232. use WiFi for a long time WiFi module is one of the biggest power dissipation components in the Android tv box with video recording besides processo...Read More
Attention! It's not too late to know the true life of the TV box!
Release on 2017-10-20In the past two years, more and more families have come into contact with the use of Android tv box HDMI input, but when it comes to the life of TV bo...Read More