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Attention! How to choose the TV box?
Release on 2017-10-26A TV live in about seven years, or even longer, it is not a mobile phone every two years to update, if the hardware ...Read More
The question of how to chooseTV box
Release on 2017-10-251. say hardware first, to put it bluntly, the core of smart TV is two part: screen and arithmetic unit.  The low ...Read More
The question of TV box
Release on 2017-10-24Android tv box HDMI input is a small computing terminal, simply by or color line technology to connect it with traditional ...Read More
Attention! It's not too late to know the true life of the TV box! 2
Release on 2017-10-232. use WiFi for a long time module is one of the biggest power dissipation components in Android tv box with video recording ...Read More
Attention! It's not too late to know the true life of the TV box!
Release on 2017-10-20In the past two years, more and families have come into contact with use of Android tv box HDMI input, but when it comes to life TV ...Read More
Attention!!! TV box watching live audio and video synchronization solution
Release on 2017-10-19Audio and video asynchrony is the most easy to appear affect viewing experience of smart TV Best Android Box HDMI input when w... ...Read More
Frequent disconnection of TV boxes?
Release on 2017-10-17Recently, many users are complaining about, often Caton smart TV, Smart TV Box HDMI Input  home watching video, and ...Read More
How to use the network TV box?
Release on 2017-10-11Today, the Internet TV has entered tens of thousands households, how to set up network Box android HDMI input watch ...Read More
Android mobile phone screen smart TV / TV box, the most detailed use of raiders!
Release on 2017-10-10Android mentioned, we first thought must be brush machine, seems to a day of fun brush, in fact, mobile phone has been ... ...Read More
The 4 most commonly used functions of a TV box
Release on 2017-10-09The Realtek RTD1295  Android tv box has the function of general is to see a large chase drama, really good, but ...Read More
Secret four major TV box buying skills
Release on 2017-09-30smart android tv box is connected to the TV, online video see function, and now many homes will be equipped with one, then in set-top ...Read More
Mistakes made in television boxes 2
Release on 2017-09-27Today I will talk about the wrong practice of using TV boxes. These habits do not seem obvious at first, but over time they ...Read More
Mistakes made in television boxes
Release on 2017-09-26No.1: long term use without shutdown Everything needs a break. Whether it's a computer or a human being, ...Read More
10 ways of playing video boxes 2
Release on 2017-09-255, local video playback This is an additional function of the Android Smart TV Box, because box itself not much memory, and no mouse ...Read More
What's the TV box? Deep grilled network TV box features! 2
Release on 2017-09-20Web browsing In fact, web is not a strong point for a Full hd android tv box. After all, site entry very cumbersome ...Read More
What's the TV box? Deep grilled network TV box features!
Release on 2017-09-19TV box is a small computing terminal, simply by HDMI or color line technology to connect it with traditional TV, can realize ...Read More
What's the source of television?
Release on 2017-09-15In a variety of television and video software settings, often see two words, one is the TV source, source 1, 2, 3.". One ...Read More
TV box tips memory shortage how to do?
Release on 2017-09-14At present, most TV box products in the market are mainly based on 4GB storage and 8GB capacity. Therefore, majority of users th... ...Read More
Teach you how to screen your computer video onto a smart TV / TV box!
Release on 2017-09-13What is a multi screen interaction? I love to toss shoes may know a little small in simple words explain, ...Read More
Teach you how to make a TV box available for multiple TV networks!
Release on 2017-09-12There are many TV sets in the room, and there is only one Internet BOX  video recording. It impossible to match ...Read More