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Digital signage system in android tv box
Release on 2017-07-05Digital signagesystem in android tv box Wehave digital signage apk our to save cost for client who want dosome promotion their ...Read More
Several major performance indexes of projectors
Release on 2017-07-05The performance index of china android projector is a sign to distinguish the grade projector. main indexes are as follows:Light ...Read More
application environment of projectors
Release on 2017-07-04Today, I will show you some application environment of android projectors china. 1, home theater type: the ...Read More
How to connect a notebook to a projector
Release on 2017-07-03The android projector china, also known as the projector, is a kind of image or video can be projected onto screen device, ...Read More
How many do you know about the 10 ways of playing the TV box?
Release on 2017-06-306, local video playback This is an additional function of the smart android tv box, because box itself not much memory, and no mouse ...Read More
The TV box can only be watched live? Joke! 2
Release on 2017-06-27Free to watch network TV box appeared very early, huge amounts of film and television resources is its biggest characteristic, ...Read More
The TV box can only be watched live? Joke!
Release on 2017-06-27Free to watch network TV box appeared very early, huge amounts of film and television resources is its biggest characteristic, ...Read More
How does the TV box connect to the TV?
Release on 2017-06-26How does the TV box connect to TV? TV connection is initial work of every novice, and only after connected can mor... ...Read More
How to buy HDMI cable? HDMI high definition line purchase guide
Release on 2017-06-23How to buy HDMI cable? high definition line purchase guide Confirm the version of At this stage, 1.4 is ma... ...Read More
HDMI mobile phone interconnection considerations
Release on 2017-06-23High-definition Multimedia Interface (English: High Definition Interface, HDMI) is a kind of digital video/audio ...Read More
Has your projector been maintained?
Release on 2017-06-22After the Internet developed in 21st century, young people like to watch TV and movies on screens computers mobile phones. People ...Read More
Buy a projector or a smart TV?
Release on 2017-06-22With the growing popularity of smart products, do you want to choose a projector or continue use TV? I think I'm not alone in ...Read More
What else can a TV box do but watch?
Release on 2017-06-21The smart android tv box can watch the movie live everybody knows, but besides two most commonly used functions, what TV do? Since ...Read More
What if the TV box overheats?
Release on 2017-06-21Summer arrived, the weather is getting hot, for a long period of time, will produce lot heat, smart tv box DLNA feels very and cause ...Read More
How to install a projector?
Release on 2017-06-20The last time I showed you the android projector china, my friends said they were really in love with and eager to play it. Bu... ...Read More
The TV or the projector, this is a problem.
Release on 2017-06-19The TV is out of favor. But let's see if we can do a video. You think, anyway, has been left in the living room, so it's better to try ...Read More
You must know these before you buy a projector
Release on 2017-06-19Today, we're going to talk about android projector china that are often used by home theater units, speaking of projectors, with ...Read More
HDMI has five details to watch over LCD TV
Release on 2017-06-16With the popularity of HDMI interface, also can appear some new problems in use, especially a lot small details, should not ...Read More
HDMI's future: to cater to the market or to a technology monopoly?
Release on 2017-06-16HDMI as the standard for high-definition promoter, but also user daily use hd video interface identifier, in consumer's ...Read More
The difference between analog and digital signals
Release on 2017-06-15In the analog age, cable quality and signal are closely related, it also has to do with length of cable. As ... ...Read More